fuck yeah fortran

OH: “This is why I broke up with my noise-artist boyfriend.”

Vine will never be as effective as animated gifs, because Vines have sound.

For fuck’s sake, people. There is exactly one reason why gifs are more popular than short embedded video clips. There is no fucking sound. I don’t have to worry about waking up my fiance with a gif. I don’t have to haul out the headphones for a gif. I am guaranteed to hear nothing. It’s a video I can read.

Propose a video format with no audio channel and we’ll talk.


Arcangelo Sassolino's Nitrogen-Powered “Afasia 1" Beer Bottle Gun

Italian artist Arcangelo Sassolino’s work focuses on industrial processes, exploring mechanical behaviors, materials and physical properties of energy and force. “Afasia 1,” housed inside a metal cage in the Palais de Tokyo, is a nitrogen-powered sculpture that shoots empty beer bottles against a wall every few minutes. Launched at 600km/hr, the bottles hit the gallery wall with a piercing crash, creating an unusual atmosphere of unease. By stripping kinetic processes down to a bare minimum and pushing them to their limits, Sassolini brings visitors into a space of intimate interaction with the visceral energy of mechanical forces. 

Palais de Tokyo really does seem to be perpetually full of awesome chaos.

OK, retroheads: which version of Windows Mobile is this?

Edit: probably an MC3100 running Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic. Thanks to all the folks who gave me hints! It’s pretty weird that Macy’s hands these out to end users (for scanning items into their wedding registry). It’s even weirder that this is relatively new hardware and software; I didn’t know you could even get Windows Mobile/CE anymore.